smiconskairosThe proliferation of social media can be overwhelming.  But it can be the most effective way to reach out to members, seekers, your neighbors and people who don’t know they’re looking for anything – yet.  And it is a lot less expensive than newspapers, magazines and other increasingly obsolete means of reaching people.

Lee Ann worked as a newspaper journalist for 13 years and still enjoys holding a newspaper and watching the Nightly News, but she also understands the world of social media and its potential for faith-based and nonprofit organizations. If you’re at least open-minded and have people who want to learn, she can show you the possibilities and integrate social media with your website, e-mails, and other means of communication.

Here’s an article on social media resources for church that she wrote for the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware, along with the presentation she gave during Parish Life Day 2012 (the audio on the Episcopal Church USA video is muted; just fast forward – it’s dated now, anyway):

Digital Evangelism from Lee Ann Walling on Vimeo.