Lee Ann has a knack for explaining complex topics so that non-experts can understand them. She often illustrates them with her own photographs, if appropriate, and prepares explanatory sidebars and tables.  Then she designs and lays out documents that flow well and are easy to follow.


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One example is the Bridgeville-Greenwood (Delaware) Master Plan.  The  Sussex County towns were responding to new, tough water quality standards because of their location in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and the University of Delaware hired Lee Ann’s sustainable planning firm, Cedar Creek Planners, to complete the plan.

Because of her unique experiences as a journalist, sustainability planner and graphic designer, she created an attractive and informative document directed at the everyday residents of the towns, not at state agency bureaucrats.  Her knowledge of water quality and planning best practices helped provide realistic recommendations for implementation.

She took many of the photographs, wrote the report, created unique tables, and designed and laid it out in Adobe InDesign.


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climatethumblgAnother example is the climate summary she prepared for Delaware’s Division of Energy and Climate.  The original, complex report was distilled into 12 pages with a full-color, user-friendly format. Lee Ann worked with the state’s climate experts (her former colleagues) to insure that the simplified report still accurately reflected the significant research and science that went into the original report.







profilecoverprofilepageA third example is an interactive parish profile she designed for Christ Episcopal Church in Dover, Delaware.  The document is used to offer information about a parish to prospective priests.  This profile was unusual in that it included several clickable videos and links to more detailed information about the parish, its finances, a survey of parishioners, and its demographics.

Here is a link to the online, web-friendly profile. You can also click on the pages at right.